Curly Cues: Getting Real About Natural Hair

I've been natural for over 10 years and a lot has changed in the world of natural hair.  Even though there is more information than ever about going, and staying natural; there are certain things I've realized about my hair, that aren't widely discussed in the natural hair community.  Here are my 5 hair truths.

Hair Product Needs Change Over Time  
You may find that your tried and true regimen is no longer giving you the desired result.  It's normal for seasonal changes, product buildup, or hair growth to affect how products perform, so don't be afraid to give your hair what it needs, if your current products aren't doing the job anymore.

Natural Hair is Not Carefree
The newly natural, or those who may be considering it, may think that there is very little maintenance involved in wearing your hair without a relaxer.  Starting the process with that expectation, may cause disappointment.  The truth is, in order for any style to look good, requires giving your hair some TLC.

Most Women with Curly Hair Have More Than One Hair Texture 
There are those who are against hair typing, which is the curl classification system which categorizes your hair texture.  I don't know exactly when the hair type backlash began, but the purpose of knowing your hair type is to create a hair care regimen that works best for your curls. This means that you may need to use different products on those different textures to get a uniform result when styling your hair.

Wash and Go's Aren't for Everyone
Wash and go's are the holy grail of natural hair care.  We would all love to be able to have that carefree style and have it look fabulous to boot.  The truth is, with some hair textures, after the hair reaches a certain length, a wash and go may actually do more harm than good because of tangles which increase your chances of breakage.  As your hair grows, make sure you adapt your hairstyles to maintain the health of your hair.

Your Hair is Beautiful
Sure, I appreciate the ease of on demand video tutorials, on every aspect of natural haircare; but with that comes some unrealistic expectations. It may be discouraging if you follow a tutorial and expect your hair to look just like your hair idol, with the extraordinary mane.  Although videos are great source of information and inspiration, you should also spend some quality time appreciating your own crowning glory and accepting whatever texture you have, because it's beautiful!

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