Style Inspiration: Tracee Ellis Ross

From the time Tracee Ellis Ross stepped out of her famous mother's shadow with the popular television series, Girlfriends, she quickly garnered fans for her comedic prowess, those gorgeous ringlets and her stunning style.  Recently, Ms. Ross has given us a peek into her private life with her self-titled blog.  I was happy to discover that she is not only a great actress, but a down-to-earth, wacky, and wise woman with reverence for all things fashion.  Tracee's style is daring; she mixes high with low, sporty with dressy, and vintage with modern, without fear of breaking fashion rules (she doesn't use a stylist).  Her approach to fashion makes her interesting and unique, which is why we watch her style moves so closely.  Tracee comes across as confident, goofy, and real. When you add those qualities of inner beauty to her divine sense of style, you end up with a class act.

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