Clothes Call: Lovely Lingerie

I know.  Sometimes you're lucky to accomplish everything you have to do in a day, besides worrying about matching your underwear; but hear me out...it's important!  Taking care of yourself includes eating healthy, working out and dressing well.  Dressing well includes lingerie that no one may see but you and your significant other. Every woman needs to invest in some great lingerie.  How it makes you feel when wearing it can improve your self-esteem and confidence, which directly relates to how others view and treat you.  A properly fitting bra also changes your shape; because putting "the girls" back where they should be, gives you a smaller waist.   For you married ladies, please, please, please don't resort to the flesh tone granny panties with holes in them, and worn out bras, once you tie the knot!  They may be comfortable, but I doubt any man would find them appealing. Even if it's just once in a while, let him see you in something a bit more special.  Single gals, I think most of us know the value of having a few great sets of lingerie for special dates or nights out on the town, but even we may be lulled into the comfort zone, thinking "no one's gonna see them anyway".  Give it a try, and take note of how a fabulous foundation can change the way you feel.  I've shared some of my favorites for women with various shapes, budgets, and personalities.  Let's go!


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