Delicious Dishes: Coconut Banana Protein Latte

As a coffee addict lover and health and fitness nut enthusiast, I've been on the lookout for a product that combines protein and coffee.  There are a few on the market but they either lack an authentic coffee flavor or are laden with sugar.  What's a girl to do?  Make her own!  The recipe was inspired by my trainer. He often drinks a gross unique combination of raw oats, coffee, protein powder and water, as a snack.  Since I was already looking for a coffee/protein combo, I took his idea and made it more suitable for human consumption (just kidding C, (not really)). 

I made my own coconut milk by blending fresh coconut with water, and then straining it, but you can just use store bought coconut milk, no biggie! Add a scoop of Smooth Banana Dymatize Elite protein powder in a blender with eight ounces of cold black coffee and blend until smooth. Pour in a large glass filled with ice. Add coconut milk to desired taste. Shake the coconut milk before pouring it in the glass for a mock foam/crema.  This is a delicious, non-dairy, gluten free, low sugar, low calorie alternative to any ready-made protein coffee drink on the market.  Enjoy!

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