Soul Inspired: The Good Life in the New Year, Part Five

During His Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 6:33, Jesus instructed the multitude to seek first the kingdom of God. The previous four segments of The Good Life in the New Year culminated with the road to 'the good life' being paved by putting God first. In this fifth and final segment, the focus will be on the 'how to' and practicality of putting God first day to day.
You might still be struggling with what it means to put God first in your everyday living. Simply stated, you put God first by:
  • making the things of God a priority over your activities, ambitions and desires, and
  • adopting His will as the motivation behind all you do.
No doubt, putting God first will require you to choose what is of God over what is of this world. Questions can be useful and enlightening in demonstrating whether the choices you make put God first. Ask questions that test the choices you make; with the objective of determining their worthiness; whether they are of temporary or eternal value. For example, some questions I've asked myself are:
  • Am I spending more time - watching television or engaged in activities centered around God? Read Psalm 119:37
  • Do I spend more of my discretionary income - on worldly pleasures and goods or in ways that support God's priorities? Read Luke 9:25
  • Do I place more importance on taking care of - my physical body or my spirit? Read 1 Timothy 4:8
The road to 'the good life' is paved in relationship with God and His priorities; His salvation for you and others and your obedience to Him. Travelling along the road to 'the good life' will require you to focus (and re-focus) your efforts and entanglements away from the things of this world and place them on the things of importance to God. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and He will bless you with 'the good life'.
And to God be the glory!
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