What To Wear And How: Printed Pants

The latest version of the printed pant trend is the printed tuxedo pant.  It's like a cross between a pajama pant and a tuxedo pant and I say what's not to love?  There are many boldly printed pants to choose from these days but you may have been hesitant to try incorporating a pair into your wardrobe.  If you are wondering how to rock this look with maximum style, read on.

1.  Pair with a basic top.  By basic, I don't mean boring, just something that's a solid color or has clean details. 

2.  To keep these pants from looking too casual, wear them with heels.  Depending on the fit of the pants, they can seem like pajama bottoms without the sophistication that a sexy shoe adds.

3.  Wear a statement necklace.  Not only does this help balance the print on your bottom half, it kicks up the style quotient by giving the outfit more personality and flair.

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